California JET File
using technology to save money and time
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File at the speed of bytes
Fly over the paper queue at DWC district offices
Receive immediate electronic response of success of errors
Submit one or many documents in a single transmission
Choose from three JET filing methods
Utilize OCR or e-forms (if in e-forms trial) if needed
File securely
Know your documents were received and processed successfully
Gain accuracy through electronic error information

JET File allows electronic filing of multiple “forms” and attachments in a single transmission by secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). It is currently limited to the following six forms:

  • Application for adjudication of claim
  • Declaration of readiness to proceed (to hearing)
  • Declaration of readiness to proceed (to expedited trial)
  • Compromise and release
  • Stipulations with request for award
  • Notice and request for allowance of lien.

Save copies of all documents in PDF once document is JET FILED and approved.
Information imported from case management directly to CAJETFILE PROGRAM
Automatic email confirmation sent directly to Client on approval of Document Jet Filed.
Easy to navigate and user friendly.